About Us

SHOPMASY was founded in August 2015 and launched its website in April 2016. Backed by an international forwarding company located in the Philippines, Shopmasy has eased its way into being a reliable ecommerce marketplace, trusted by customers and sellers who have then since entrusted their orders via Shopmasy.


Since April 2016, Shopmasy has sent orders from customers in the Philippines and worldwide, getting orders from countries such as Singapore, United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Dubai, UK, and Australia.


We are inspired by our motto, "Bringing the best of the Philippines to the World." Working with our hearts, we believe in giving each customer an enjoyable experience when shopping at Shopmasy.

Shopmasy is proud to partner with one-of-a- kind, passionate, and thriving small businesses in the Philippines. We help our merchants serve their customers by providing fast and personalized customer service and being their reliable delivery partner, trusting their package to get wherever they want it to go.

As our merchants grow, Shopmasy grows too. By being part of the growth of micro and small businesses owned by Filipinos, we are slowly but surely helping the Philippine economy, which is a wonderful thing to be a part of. With this hope, we plan to support more of these businesses.

At the start of January 2017, Shopmasy opened its doors to SMEs and startups from other countries, to bring its customers more sought-after products made by passionate people all over the world, all to bring everything closer to you.


To provide an avenue for small businesses of the world to reach the global market,

To provide their customers a way to purchase products not easily found in most places,

To set a new standard for retail websites by providing customers better content, better products, and establishing trust for a worry-free, pleasant, and entertaining online shopping experience,

To showcase quality Philippine products in an aesthetically pleasing website,

To bring in to the Philippine economy by supporting local products and produce, and

To promote a better standard of Filipino culture rarely seen in the past.



To be a household name in the Philippines,  a strong brand known in Southeast Asia as one of the best avenues to sell merchandise online in the Philippines as a foreign seller.